Information and communication technologies

Computer, storage and backup

Virtualization platforms, with information security as their primary focus. The latest technologies to achieve the best performance across all types and sizes of workloads.

Comprehensive and turnkey projects. We take care of all the details.

Storage systems with integrated anti-ransomware protection. Detection of anomalous behavior and immediate restoration of previous versions in the event of an attack. With all the necessary connectivity and protocols, integrated into one system.

High-performance servers, compact, tower, blade… The most suitable solution for every need, always from the best manufacturers.

Backup to disk or tape, local and remote, even in our Data Center. And whatever mode you choose, Powernet can handle day-to-day management.

24x7 services. Because nothing is foolproof, you need the support of an experienced technical team.

The benefits of relying on an expert

What are the benefits of working with Powernet?


Experience and Innovation

We provide our team of technicians and consultants to help you implement a reliable and robust solution based on cutting-edge technologies.



Everything from redundancy to integrated threat protection with firewalls. Coordination between all our departments, ensuring that our projects offer comprehensive security from the very beginning.


Cost savings

Scalable solutions that ensure investment protection. With the required capacity, and the ability to easily scale as needed.

Our partners.

Our trusted allies.

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We analyze the state of your infrastructure and recommend the best solution

By using the right analysis tools for each case, we obtain the information necessary to propose the best solution. Because not all businesses are the same.

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What you need to consider for your ICT systems

Companies are increasingly dependent on their information management systems. Investment decisions made in this field should be made with the advice of experts, who understand company requirements and can offer the best solution.

In recent years, many companies' information has been compromised by attacks of all kinds, from theft to ransomware. We need systems to be as secure as possible, and in the event of an attack, we need the means to retrieve information quickly: Snapshots, clones, replicas, backups, etc.