Data Center

Data Center


We build energy-efficient CPDs (minimum PUE), with the highest level of redundancy (TIER standards), and in compliance with the most relevant international regulations such as: ANSI/TIA-942-A, ISO/IEC 24764, EN 50173-5, BICSI-002, etc.

A comprehensive infrastructure solution

Cabling provides the physical layer necessary for all communications, security and control services in your CPD. 

  • Specific design of structured cabling networks for Data Centers according to reference standards such as TIA, BICSI, CENELEC, UI, etc.

  • UTP and FTP copper, Cat6, Cat6A, Cat7 according to the ANSI/EIA/TIA and ISO/IEC 11801 standards.

  • Multimode (OM1-OM5) and single-mode (OS1-OS2) optical fiber according to the ANSI/EIA/TIA and ISO/IEC 11801 standards.

  • Scalability, fault tolerance, and evolution towards faster environments (LAN 40, 100, 200 and 400G SAN FC 16, 32 y 128GB).

  • Optimal pipeline design.

  • Distributors adapted to the needs raised.

  • Use of pre-connected solutions.

  • Cable testing and certification procedures.

  • Intelligent management systems for AIM cables.

  • Integration with other software tools.

Medium and Low-Voltage Electrical Installations Project and Execution for Critical Equipment in the Data Center:

  • Low-voltage infrastructures (<1000V).

  • High-voltage infrastructures (>1000V).

  • General distribution boards and static switches.

  • Distribution of electrical panels and lines in a critical environment.

  • Backup equipment, uninterruptible power supplies (UPS).

  • Generator sets.

  • Cable conduits.

  • Electrical distribution by open busbar trunking system.

  • PDUs and rPDUs (manageable and monitorable rack power).

  • Verification of installations (land, energy quality, etc.)

  • Energy management and saving systems.

  • Legalizations.

Air conditioning systems within the scope of the Thermal Installations Regulations (RITE in Spanish) and the Safety of Refrigerating Installations Regulations, both with their additional technical instructions.

  • Energy and efficiency audits (thermographic studies, monitoring).

  • Design and Engineering, ROI.

  • Integration (Drive, Distribution, Cold Production, Monitoring and Management (DCIM))

  • Maintenance.

  • Precision HVAC Infrastructure:

    • Chillers.

    • Cold lines, pipes and manifolds.

    • Drive equipment.

    • Legalizations.

    • Study of flow rates and environmental air conditioning.

  • Rack enclosures

    • EDA Distribution Enclosure (Rack)

    • Enclosure and confinement of cold/hot aisle

    • INROW Drive Concept

    • Plenum or ground drive, return line

    • CRAC

Custom design and implementation of fire detection and suppression solutions, according to your CPD requirements.

  • Fire detection panels.

  • Weak signal cabling.

  • Cross-technology detectors.

  • Early smoke detection.

  • Emergency extinguishing equipment.

  • Automatic extinguishing piping and sprinklers.

  • Self-contained extinguishing equipment.

  • Gas or water spray.

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We build Data Centers with certified personnel (ATD® and AOS®, issued by the Uptime Institute) following the best market practices, seeking optimization, standardization and facilitating maintenance and operation.


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What you need to consider when building your Data Center.

Beyond compliance with regulations and standards: YANSI/TIA-942-A, ISO/IEC 24764, EN 50173-5, BICSI-002… to construct an energy efficient (minimum PUE), secure, flexible and scalable, environmentally friendly (Green Data Center) CPD, with redundancy (TUI-TIER) and high availability...

The key is confidence when selecting a travel companion. We are well positioned in the market because we offer a wide catalog of avant-garde and functional solutions, tailored to the technological needs of your company, and our experience ensures the fulfillment of these milestones. Thanks to our own highly qualified and continuously trained team of professionals.