Information and communication technologies

Infrastructure control

through monitoring

We anticipate the problems of our customers' systems and communications infrastructures with our monitoring service. This ensures that the service levels required of the ICT departments are maintained by the rest of the company.

How it works

This is how we deploy a Monitoring service


Infrastructure auditing

This involves identifying all the installed equipment that has to be monitored.


Deploying the monitoring solution

Deployment by the Powernet team of the probes required to monitor the client's infrastructure, thus offering a high-value managed service.


Alert/event settings

 Defining action protocols according to how critical they are.

What are the benefits of doing it with Powernet?

We leverage our experience and knowledge of market solutions to find the one that best suits our clients' needs.


Engineers certified in the technologies of our Partners

Your project will be developed by engineers with the maximum possible experience and certification in the design of networking solutions.


Networking Solutions Track Record

We have 32 years of experience behind us and our engineering team has undergone continuous technological training. This has positioned us as a benchmark company when offering communication solutions.


Turnkey projects

Proven ability to design, roll-out and start-up projects, and then provide a maintenance service.

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What you need to consider to deploy a monitoring solution

All your applications and services run through the network infrastructure, this being the means through which these services are offered to clients. For this reason, this infrastructure must always be well sized and operational. In order to ensure its operation, the infrastructure must be continuously monitored, and be able to respond to any contingency that may occur. To be highlighted:

  • Event categorization.

  • Action protocols.

  • Scaling matrix.

  • Follow-up reports.