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We will maintain your

Data Center

Our goal is to ensure the maximum performance of your infrastructure. We will draw up an action plan that allows us to anticipate potential incidents and minimize the risk in case of contingencies.

How it works

How do we maintain your Data Center?



We always start from an audit in which the critical points of your installation are evaluated. We review the manufacturer's warranties and run various load, stress and thermal tests on the equipment.  We draw up maintenance plans.


Comprehensive maintenance plan

We schedule the various preventive actions. We develop an action plan for events involving corrective intervention. We have a predictive plan that will help us anticipate stressful situations in your infrastructure.


Collaboration with the manufacturer

The management of all our interventions will be carried out with the direct support of the manufacturer.

How it works

What are the benefits of working with Powernet?

Our maintenance is dedicated, specific to CPD and exclusive to your needs. We carry out and manage the maintenance with our own personnel, while also encouraging the involvement of the manufacturers.


Dedicated team with attention 24x7x365

Team members with the category and experience of 1st class technicians in your premises. All services will be supervised by a Powernet Engineering Manager.  


Single point of contact

Our team is ready to maintain all critical points of your infrastructure. Core, communications, and cabling, as well as temperature, low and medium voltage, and PCI. Comprehensive maintenance in the hands of a single point of contact.



We are currently maintaining some of the country's major CPDs. Clients such as Mapfre, El Corte Inglés and Mediapro, among others.

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Why is maintaining your Data Center critical?

Ensuring the availability of services associated with your CPD is critical. We are talking about an infrastructure that processes and protects all your business information. Therefore, it is obligatory to have a very precise vision of its points of failure (in the case of a pre-existing infrastructure) or design it from scratch to comply with the basic standards that allow us to minimize risks. 

It is essential to anticipate a potential failure that could compromise service continuity.