Information and communication technologies

Protect your business

We identify the most vulnerable points in your infrastructure and fix them. We update your security features and manage your day-to-day events.

How it works

This is how we carry out a cybersecurity project



Through a variety of controlled tests, we identify the security level of your business technology systems and infrastructures.


Network security

The goal is to minimize the attack vector and, if necessary, provide very fast repair capabilities. 


Endpoint security

We propose an endpoint securization solution that delivers assurance, while providing proactive and efficient management.


Security in OT & IoT/IIoT environments

Cybersecurity must be a part of and a protagonist in the rapid process of technological evolution that the industry is experiencing.  

What are the benefits of doing it with Powernet?

You must protect your ICT infrastructure.
Not worrying about the safety of your business can have fatal consequences. Advantages of having a securized environment:


Risk reduction

It protects your business productivity and minimizes threats to the integrity of your data



It saves on unforeseen expenses and anticipates unnecessary risks



It improve your business image and trust

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