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Data Center

We are specialists in the operation of Data Center environments. Our team has years of experience in delivering managed services involving 24hr-Monitoring (DCIM, RF Code, BMS) and Automated Infrastructure Management (AIM) from leading CPDs. 

Our certifications
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How it works

This is how we operate your Data Center


24hr monitoring and management

Our team performs asset control and management, critical infrastructure management, and alarm management with real-time software platforms.


AIM management tools

Automated management of structured cabling systems (CommScope ImVision®).


Professional services for the operation

24×7 operations support and ongoing maintenance. People are a fundamental asset in the Data Center.

Why Powernet?

What are the benefits of doing it with Powernet?

We always work to minimize the risks that may affect the operation of your Data Center so that the availability and efficiency goals designed are achieved. We always have a Business Continuity Plan (BCP) prepared.


Specialized personnel (Accredited Operations Specialist®)

The day-to-day operation of your Data Center will be in the hands of engineers with the highest possible level of certification in the operation of critical environments to ensure the operational continuity of your Data Center.


Operational Sustainability

Objective No. 1: To reduce the risks during operation and to ensure the operational efficiency under critical conditions, with ITIL-type methodologies.


Improvement plans

With metrics, information repositories, processes and the catalog of standardized procedures.

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Rely on our expertise and our high level of certification, and we will take care of your most critical infrastructure on a daily basis.

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Why is the operation your Data Center critical?

Data Center operation should refer to the day-to-day management of processes related to “facilities” and ICT infrastructures. Therefore, having a trained and experienced human team for events on both fronts is very important. An incomplete understanding of the service can cause a performance problem in your infrastructure. 

We have already mentioned that the CPD is the brain of your business, and its (mission-critical) infrastructure is very subject to changes, updates, expansions, etc. Having the right staff and 24×7 operational support and ongoing maintenance is very important to protect the operational continuity of your CPD. 

Moreover, with digitization and the consequent increase in the need for high availability, infrastructure resilience is becoming increasingly critical. However, most CPDs do not have a design level of Tier IV, Tier III, etc. In this aspect, operation has become even more important than design. 

For this reason, added value can be provided by an Accredited Operations Specialist® team, certified by the Uptime Institute, for the day-to-day management of events at both “facilities” and ICT infrastructures. And this is certainly crucial to keeping your CPD operating and making sure your business is not affected.