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Global telecommunications services and IT systems. POWERNET is a company with more than 30 years of experience in the Design, Implementation, Maintenance, Management and Operation of critical environments. 

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More than 30 years in the industry

Day 1. We started the journey.
Personal computer began to be introduced into large corporations.
We started to bring the necessary expertise to the telecommunications environment. ICT departments saw us as qualified and trusted colleagues integrating solutions that were not simple at the time.
Relevant projects were brought to critical environments.
We opened our headquarters in Barcelona.
Mexico City
We opened our headquarters in Mexico City.
New technologies
We are committed to the future and to new sensorization and intelligent space management technologies, providing new office environments with two key elements: Sustainability and flexibility.
A Coruña
We consolidated the A Coruña Powernet headquarters.
ICT Security
After many years of implementing ICT Security solutions, we have incorporated this area.
Moving into the future
We continue to learn, grow and evolve…

Who we work for

Technology is currently a fundamental pillar for the advancement of any business. Powernet serves the needs of large, medium and small businesses that require support.

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  • Global ICT Services
  • Value solutions 
  • A single point of contact for our clients
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What do we do?

  • Data Center
  • ICT Solutions (Cybersecurity, Communications, Systems)
  • Workplace management
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How do we do it?

  • Experience
  • In-house staff specialized in all our areas
  • Methodology and standards

Our values


Commitment and vocation of service

Our commitment is to secure the three pillars that a project must support: quality, deadlines and cost. With a vocation of service and flexibility.


Technological evolution and commitment to new solutions

We maintain continuous contact with manufacturers, allowing us to offer our customers the most advanced solutions to meet their needs.


Human team, knowledge and experience

We stand out for the technical capacity of our team, which guarantees the best results in any project. We accompany our clients until the completion of the project, carrying out the necessary knowledge transfer.



Our quality policy aims to ensure that the service given to our customers meets their needs. All of us at Powernet are committed, each in our area, to contributing our effort, dedication and professionalism.

Our Team

Powernet's main asset is a highly qualified and committed team. We are constantly adding new talent to meet new market needs.

Management Team

General Management


Joaquín Fernández de Córdoba Narváez

General Director

Site managers


Salvador Alquicira Calderón

Manager of Mexico


Eduardo Aldao Basanta

Head of business in Galicia

Financial Management and Corporate Organization


César Zubiaur González

Chief Financial Officer


Nicandro Robles Mejía

Head of Accounting and Finance Mexico


Esther García Ruiz

Head of Organization

Business Management


Emilio Rodríguez Escribano

Corporate Sales Manager


Xavier Díaz Jiménez

Barcelona Sales Manager

Technical Management


Jose Eduardo Puente Albistegui

Corporate Technical Manager


Manuel Guzmán Alejo

Technical Manager Barcelona


Alejandro Cruz Ruiz

Head of Engineering and Pre-Sales

Operations Management


Cristina Jiménez Sanz

Director of Operations Madrid


Martín Ávila Hernández

Head of Operations Mexico

Representation of our teams

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Mexico City

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A Coruña

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Our sites

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A Coruña

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Mexico City

Our offices

Our workspaces are the cutting-edge ICT and space-management solutions demanded by our company strategy. Technology is the foundation upon which we have built a flexible and sustainable environment focused on delivering the best user experience. 

Our offices are characterized by:





User experience

Madrid office Madrid office Madrid office Madrid office Madrid office Madrid office Madrid office Madrid office Madrid office
Join the team

Work with us at any of our locations

We are 100% involved in the training and professional growth of our team. Our company now has more than 170 professionals, (Madrid + Barcelona + A Coruña + Mexico City), involved in the most avant-garde and critical projects of recent years in the sector. 

Send us your contact details. We are always open to growing and bringing new talent, enthusiasm and ideas to the team… 

If you are interested in being part of our team, take a look at our job offers. If you are not a match for our job vacancies, send your CV to

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Our certifications

Legal and regulatory accreditations in our business areas, as well as certifications in critical environments.

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